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Cat Boarding

A relaxing place for a cat nap

We know that people have commitments, and sometimes we cannot be with our pets. While we love our dogs, we also love our cat friends who stay with us (some of us are admittedly more cat than dog people!). Whatever reason it is, Dogs & Compagnie is here to take care of your cat while you are away.

Your cat can look forward to

  • A separated cat room with six spacious pens in our facility that has central air, heated floors, and air conditioning
  • Each of our pens has a cat tree for them to play on
  • We provide kitty litter for the duration of their stay
  • We post pictures of the cats to our Facebook page, so you can check up on your kitty while you're away

Check-in checklist

  • We encourage you to bring any bedding or toys your cat may enjoy
  • Please bring your own food; store food in labeled hard plastic containers or individually portioned plastic bags
  • Please leave detailed instructions for any medication your cat needs
  • For your first visit, please bring proof of vaccination for rabies and FVRCP

*Please note that proof of vaccinations must be shown on the first visit and then on a yearly basis


Cat Boarding

Number of cats

Cost per day

One Cat


Two Cats (same Pen)






$1 per pill


$2.50 per dose

Individual toy play-time (20 mins)


Check out our Facebook page for ​pictures of your cats!

Contact Information

Phone number


Email address

Boarding hours

Drop-off and pick-up is every day from:

8 to 9 am; and 5 to 6 pm

Grooming hours

Monday to friday9:00am to 5:00pm

Saturday: occasionally



215 St Pierre Rd, Vars, Ontario K0A 3H0 

Payment method

Cash, cheque, or e-transfer